She will be missed

It is a sad day, that we knew would come too soon. Stella aka Peep suffered from renal dysplasia. She only had less than 25% kidney function.

you looking at me?

She was in a litter of 10 from a bitch rescued from Standing Rock Reservation

First day at MSP off leash dog park

I’ll miss her. She was a good companion

Christmas 2016

Please be the person your dog thinks you are


I’m in a state of shock and can’t sleep

In Camo at the dog park
Looking Pretty after a spa day with the groomer
in her element, she loved the water and chasing birds

Goodbye Peep


26 thoughts on “She will be missed

  1. Oh NO!! I am so sorry that must be such a deep pain, I have not been through the death of a pet that I was deeply attached to yet so can only imagine how hard it is and Its natural you cannot sleep. You need to grieve but I know she is close by you and sending you love. Those we love are never truly gone when they live on in our hearts though the paradox is that yes they are gone from the earth plane. Hugs and solace to you ❀

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  2. Awe oh gosh I’m so sorry for your loss. I know this feeling all too well. That constant companion feeling leaves such a void when they are gone. I can tell you are a wonderful lover of animals and they know they are loved by you. I’ll say a prayer for youπŸ™πŸΌ Be gentle with yourself πŸ’›πŸŒΌfeel free to contact me if you need someone to share with. I love all your photos! I’ve been meaning to say that. 😌

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