Is it really so?

I heard it said that these are dark days for our nation. I wondered, according to who? why am I to agree? I do have free will and a choice, do I not? That is my decision, to embrace what is, and to choose to see it as my opportunity to infect my sphere of influence with the Love that has been so graciously been bestowed upon me.

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I am choosing to behold, observe and revere the mystery of the nature of things. In carrying on with the experience that if I am aware and honest, pausing to reflect upon the magnificence and miracle of living, I can experience the “Light infused darkness” that accompanies acceptance of uncertainty. I don’t know and don’t need to. Growth doesn’t occur in my comfort zone. Celebrate life and give thanks for the chance to make this a better place.

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Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

17 thoughts on “Is it really so?

  1. Yes. To choose, and not just give in to ennui or depression. To choose to acknowledge, to care when others cannot rise above, but to always look around and find beauty and goodness to help us soar. Yes!

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      1. I have found Melody Beattie, a name whose works you might recognize. I’m looking at her thoughts and discoveries from the perspective of a codependent wife of an alcoholic. Clearly, I also learn from and follow in the footsteps of others. I did something similar when I was working. One of my favorite thoughts in this vein is “Why reinvent the wheel?”.

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  2. I like the idea of “light infused darkness.” It doesn’t take much to lighten a dark room, to lighten one’s mood, to make another person smile, or to give out a kind word. We can choose what kind of realm we live in. I choose the light side. Thanks for this post.

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    Many nations in the world encounter difficult days in this time of CoViD-19. In many countries, the earth came to shake a lot and vulcanos came to give a spectacolor amount of smoke and ashes and magma flowing down.

    (We would consider all that signs of the time.)

    In many countries, nature shows that it conquers the virus and conquers man that destroyed already so much. But nature is the stronger wone to man.

    For sure “We’re on the verge of something” and we can feel it moving! Many deny that there is That Mightier Power which is above any man. Many try to fight against It or against His creation.

    In these times of trials, we could seclude ourselves from all contact with all other humans. We could go in full lockdown and let the darkness pass, without having to interfere in our own house. But we should know that having to live in this present world, we can not ignore it. For those who believe in God and His sent one, it is high time to come out of the darkness and step into the light.

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