Perfect Love!

I am endeavoring to examine my fears, as I don’t seem to be afraid of much, but I do have a nagging suspicion that I am not living up to my potential. I am arriving at this conclusion through self-examination and while I am grateful for what I have and do my best to share, I think I’ve fallen into the trap of comparison. Setting the comparison bit aside for now I am sure that fear, the self-centered variety, not the survival instinct type, is the obstacle that is interfering.

How is it then that Perfect Love is able to vanquish my fear? and What is it after all that I am afraid of? I am going to dig into this this a bit and in the act of composition and presenting this, perhaps an answer will emerge. I’ll start with perfect.

As an adjective perfect is described as

  1. Being without flaw or defect
  2. Satisfying all requirements
  3. corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept
  4. Faithfully reproducing the original
  5. Legally valid

The definition goes on but I get the point as something to aim for but not necessarily achievable. Onward

Perfect as a verb

  1. to bring to final form
  2. to make perfect : improve or refine

Love, well now what have we here, if I am to find or practice Perfect Love in order to be liberated from Fear?

Love as a noun is described described as

  1.  strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties
  2. attraction based on sexual desire affection and tenderness felt by lovers
  3. affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests
  4. an assurance of affection

Okay right I get that and am sure I’ve also sought that and, tried as best as I could to express (l)ove

I like Anthony de Mello’s definition

Clarity of perception and accuracy in response

Now what do I know of Love? Not much when it has come from humans, other than my mom and other family. However I have the experience of God knowing my heart and loving me precisely as I am. That is the way I strive to love others. I am utterly incapable of this without His love transforming my entire being.

Now back to the Perfection of Love alleviating fear. In order for me to be fearful I am dwelling in another realm, the future. Fear is obliterated in His presence. If I am remorseful or plagued with regret I am focused on the past, another realm I visit. I am blemish free in The Father’s view as I abide in The ultimate Act of Love for Creation.

It is Finished

I have a mission, that being, to examine myself honestly, which is tricky because self/ego wants me to die, or so it seems at times. I should also, as I catalogue my findings admit them and dwell in His grace, becoming willing to be transformed and to enlist His aide as I cooperate with Him by shifting my focus from, my pain and frailty, toward others, knowing well that He Loves them.

Perfect Love is The Present

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Published by jeffw5382

Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

27 thoughts on “Perfect Love!

  1. Much food for thought here. That instruction and closer of Jesus after his radical beatitudes and paradigm shifting exploration of God’s commands as found in Matt. 5, for us humans “to be perfect, even as Our Father is perfect” has always stunned me, as it is beyond what we usually consider rational thought or our understanding about God and humanity. As I have gotten older, I have read enough and lived with God and God’s Word enough to still be mystified and challenged and afraid, but to also ask, “does Jesus mean I am to be perfect in the way I am uniquely but also communally created as a human woman to be “perfect” as myself, but also as part of the whole of others, and this is to be my goal in the same way that God, Who was not created but IS, is perfect as God Is? Does it mean to find the divinity that is ours in Christ, as Jesus did — not to consider ourselves above the weaknesses that the Beatitudes say makes us “blessed”. Well, as I said, thank you for the post and the questions it raises. Shalom, Jane

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  2. Perhaps the most quoted verse – Jn. 3:16, provided the ‘secret’ to me years ago when I read it from a different perspective. This is not to detract from the obvious message ‘that God so loved the world’ (because His ever efficient grace is evidence of that) – to ALL – whether they believe it or not. Never-the-less, focus on the direct ACTION His love produces – ‘He gave’. Love is best appreciated as it is given, unlike the mere receiving of it. The giver of love is the perfected model. When we freely give we say to fear, “what have you over me”? Fear is a liar, it gives only malice and regret – the opposite of love. In Christ we are more than conquerors, we possess all His riches in glory! From the endless heavenly depository we can give perpetually. The supply is never exhausted, rather it multiplies as it is spread.

    President Kennedy once challenged Americans, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. God says, Seek first the Kingdom of God, and ALL these will be added unto you”. The caveat is that we are loved BEFORE we are lovable, we have received to enable us to give. Immediately following the ‘greatest command’ – Love the Lord your God – Jesus says the second greatest is to love your neighbor as yourself. He placed NO limit on who your neighbor is – including even your enemies. To love them ALL as we love our selves, we must find our true identity in Christ – THE ONLY model worth following.

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    1. The important thing about is as you say, in the giving. Courage is required to love without reservation. The example of our Lord gives us that courage. If He can love us — creatures so imperfect and unworthy — then surely we can strive to love Him and each other as He loves us.

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  3. jeffw5382

    Good post and message about love to discern..

    Only wish more of us would understand the difference of the ancient Bible interpretations of love instead of the Hollywood our contemporary times.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. Wonderful thought provoking post. This sentence in particular hit home for me  “However I have the experience of God knowing my heart and loving me precisely as I am”…

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  5. Your post reminds me of the fact that it is not fear that turns men into cowards. It is a lack of love.
    It reminds me also that it is not the absence of fear that turns men into heros. It is the presence of love.
    As Jesus said: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”.

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  6. Absolutely beautiful Jeff❣️🤗

    A message of hope that we indeed can lessen, if not mute,
    the fears that overtake us when we stray from accepting love from our heavenly creator and look toward comparisons to gauge how we’re doing.

    Love the honesty and loving truth of your post❤️🤗

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  7. Lots of good thoughts here. I’m reminded how my mother (who can’t swim and was terrified of water) once rescued a child from drowning. Indeed, love overcomes fear. This is normally limited to our personal loved ones though, it takes God’s infinite love to expand that to all mankind. It is a task we could never attain by our efforts (we don’t have that much love in ourselves) only when God lets us feel for an instant His loving compassion for one of His children do we glimpse it.

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  8. “…I am not living up to my potential…”
    That’s how I feel almost all the time. Atleast I’m not using all of my potential which I constantly regret. There are a lot of plans, but I don’t really get a grip on them. It seems that everyday chores take so much time that hours a day are not enough for everything.
    I think most of us is strugling with this today…
    but you just have to live with it…

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