Here I go

I intend to unwrap my faith and expose that which is eternal.

I am embarking on a treacherous journey of sorts. I am delving into my long-held beliefs and frail faith to discover my true self. That one that is in me and in Him. I am inviting all to share in this adventure that you might also question everything, scrape, prod, rip open and take apart the conceptions and ideas that inhibit our evolution to realizing our inheritance.

Upon closer examination I find common hypocrisy, prompted by the crowd to respond with slogans and cliche’s without thinking. Everything upon which I have relied is suddenly revealed to be a mere reflection of what I have found comforting to my ego. If I am to uncover my truest self all these ideas, preconceptions and formulas have to be incinerated by the flames of Love.

My current endeavor is to bring God’s love into everything I do, every moment. Quite a simple thing to aspire to, but quite another, in its execution. Are not the simplest things more complicated than one originally thought?


This might be self evident, but I first must realize, acknowledge and admit, that I don’t know jack. I am completely inept at at solving anything, when it comes to my self. I must have His help. I have to submit myself to Him, without reservation. Upon setting foot on this path I will be still allowed free will, but as I do me, I will be confronted with my frailties. I will resist, rationalize and justify. All of which indicate where I am deluded. He is a jealous and merciful God.

Upon honest refection of my being, I am appalled at what I find, What of any love do I deserve? Hallelujah! I have been blessed with the greatest gift, that of enough curiosity and willingness to listen and read of the greatest divine sacrifice. I am deemed worthy of the ultimate Love. I only need to ask, and in so doing, I have exhibited Faith, nothing more is needed to receive. There is a bit of a catch, He wants me to seek Him only in all my doings. Being human with a myriad of selfish desires I chase and grasp after things I think will satisfy, these seeming insatiable cravings, and when I do go after them without discernment, I get smacked down, disappointed and left wanting. I then am again desperate, confused and left wondering why I have been allowed to forget the Love that is merely a breath away. (Jealous) Immediately I am forgiven and realize I have been taught. His Love and acceptance are eternal. (Merciful)

This is turning out to be a little more involved than I initially envisioned, I will break it up. Until then All Is Well in His Care

Published by jeffw5382

Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

15 thoughts on “Here I go

  1. Beautiful, thank you. The irony I’m finding is that it’s only hard for me because I am so accustomed to making things complicated. It’s only a habit, but I can relax out of it. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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  2. May you find an entire new world – one full of unconditional love and absolutely no judgment. It is always and forever will be a magnificent journey! May you be prospered day in and day out. Be blessed!!!

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  3. Shalom to you in this journey. Thank you for sharing it so openly and longingly. Remember “He is not a tame lion” but “in Him all things move and live and have their being”. May it continue to be evident to you that His hand is always on the plow next to yours. Keep journeying in The Way, Jane

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  4. What a blessing that you are on this wonderful path my friend. It is not easy but what a glorious thing it is. We are by nature selfish, and not the best creatures. Once he has us he never forsakes us or lets us go. We are suppose to be grateful for our sufferings and pain as well, that can be a hard one sometimes. God saved my life many times during my childhood so I know he exist as well as Jesus and angels, yet surrendering completely is a very difficult thing even for a woman who loved and walked with God at the age of five. So I am just so grateful He is so forgiving and loving. What a wonderful thing for you my friend. May God Bless you and light up your path. Love and hugs Joni

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