In time…

When I am still and out among the creatures, attending to their inherent tendencies, a peace overcomes me and I realize that sometimes there is nothing to be done


“Once you know yourself as the light, you will find that inner peace dominates every situation. It’s not that you will never feel fear, anxiety, or anger, but you will no longer get lost in your pain.”
― Panache Desai

in time

In time
I’ve been tempered,
absorbed by the flow
of nature’s perfection
and heavens attentive glow…

I traveled way too fast over fields of isolation,
only pausing for a moment
in divine imagination…

on returning
to the center,
I bathed in pools of bliss,
astonished by the harmony
where fear does not resist…

awoken in the small hours
confronted by my dread,
I counted on the darkness
to let the unseen tread…

The time lords reminded me
that we are
all made of light,
vessels of abiding love
waiting to ignite…

My calling is between the lines
of melodic sounds
and words,
scribbled by the azure skies,
spoken out by…

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