Oh! And another thing

This may, in fact, be obvious, but it came as a seemingly novel idea to me as I had a vision of myself trying to stuff my beloved into the box of conforming to how I would like my beloved to respond to me. A set of conditions so to speak, that must be adhered to if I am to stay and dole out my particular brand of expression of appreciation.

What of unconditional Love? you ask. Well from my recent experience, while in the process of sorting out how I was feeling trying to be receptive and aware of negative thoughts and emotions allowing them to be and not attempting to change or make a judgment. That went along smoothly for me until I started presenting my case. I had completely forgotten unconditional and felt justified.


As I rattled off my list of demands for the way I insist the way things be, my beloved withdrew, not completely. My beloved seemed to become different, not as open and interactive. My beloved stayed though, continually expressing reassurances of a mutual affection. Something was awry, I could tell, but I knew not what it was.


As the way things go sometimes, it was almost by mistake that I woke up to what I had been doing. I was not allowing my beloved to express love in their own special, very personal way. When I did not accept that and instead pointed to the beautifully wrapped and decorated box I had constructed, and insist that my Beloved get in and conform to that, I changed everything, for the worse.

Let your Love be as it is, let it flow from its source and watch it bloom into a magnificent flower


It does take some effort

Published by jeffw5382

Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

22 thoughts on “Oh! And another thing

  1. Oh I love this! And it is so true, and yes I do feel a tinge of hostility towards it, because it makes me uncomfortable about the conditions I put on my loves, knowing I must unbox them again too. Out of control is where unconditional lives.
    A long time ago I had a similar vision of swimming in the river of God’s love with my family and I was tied with ropes to each of them, trying to control their movement through the water, some were under rope nets, others tied with small ropes, one had a rope that was so thick it needed to be cut with multiple swings of an axe, the last was tied under the water. When I went below to see, the rope between him and me went below the doors of a lock (like on the canals) the doors of the lock kept the water completely out of his side. I had to cut the rope and open the doors to let the water flow. Flowing water is very messy but the waterfalls and cascades and the waves we can ride are wonderful.
    I hope the surprises of unconditional love, inspire and delight you.
    Lots of love, L

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    1. To expect nothing and be overjoyed with everything especially the tough spots, I’m reminded that all of it are merely road signs leading in the direction of what is already before our eyes but stare at the finger of the sage pointing to the moon


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