Do you know the difference?

I had the opportunity today to encounter the Yellow Jacket Wasp


Allow me to introduce you to the Yellow Jacket Wasp.

Profanity Warning!

These little bastards are fucking mean! They are considered to be beneficial because they eat other insects like mosquitoes, apids and the like. I have become acquainted with them, quite painfully 6 times in the past week.

Yellowjacket.Mostly.Dorsal Yellow Jacket

They will defend the colony very aggressively. A giant, pushing/chasing a lawnmower over the nest is to be attacked mercilessly. The sting is painful initially leaving a sharp ache the rest of the day.

MDAgroundnests Ground-nesting insects

When the ache subsides, what you are left with is not unlike a large mosquito bite that itches for a week or more. I am amazed at the tenacity and courage of these little fuckers. Imagine giving your life trying to kill a creature several thousand times your size to defend the queen and her brood.

What I have learned.

  1. They only nest annually
  2. Only…

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6 thoughts on “Do you know the difference?

    1. I do try to gain something from being out and enjoying His creation. Who am I to say? They’re merely an annoyance, there is something to be learned, of that I am sure, it is not yet clear though.


  1. I saw one today on the other side of my door window. It looks like a yellow jacket wasp but had a half inch stinger attached to his rear.

    Your picture of the insects does not show their stingers. I keep cans of wasp killer when they come near me that shoot up to 20 feet. When the spray hit them, they immediately drop.

    I agree, their sting hurts and can be worse if a person has an allergy to their venom.

    Regards and good will blogging.


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