This is It!

I have often wondered, what is God’s will for me? Over my nearly 30 years in actually seeking recovery from addiction, my conclusion has evolved over time but becoming present in this moment has to be the illuminating factor. It’s happening right now.

Yep, this is indeed it. As depressing or exhilarating as that seems, it is what it is, so I may as well choose to be grateful for it.Β  I have been confusing needing (craving) something other than what is, with merely being satisfied with the actual truth of the matter. It may not be what I want but without a doubt is exactly what I need from a learning and growing perspective.


What to do now, my initial urge is to withdraw into solitude. As appealing as that sounds, there seems to be a more open and balanced approach beckoning. Keep lines of communication open. remain open to honest heartfelt criticism, and expand my horizons here with a new commitment to contributing more regularly.

Here’s a question to ponder. Can an English speaking Christain, learn Hebrew and Arabic/Farsi and convert to Judaism and Islam simultaneously?

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30 thoughts on “This is It!

  1. Basically what you are saying is:

    God grant me the COURAGE to change what I can,
    The SERENITY to accept what I cannot change,
    and the WISDOM to know the difference.

    Although not an addict, this prayer has been mine for decades. I am happy to see you have accepted the concept if not the exact words.

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      1. I recited that prayer at every AlAnon meeting, too. The full implications of the prayer are a struggle for the mothers,fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters of addicts. I applaud your struggle. I applaud your striving for sobriety. I can add you to my prayer list along with my oldest son and youngest daughter.

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  2. Do what thou wilt for that is the law. I mean, you’re sincere and everything. Don’t worry about it and stop being sorry all the time. You don’t need Islam or Judaism right now. Follow Christ. As they say in the army, ” As you were, soldier.” Jesus’s blessings be on you and your family. And me too. May the Lord save us all.

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      1. I guess my point is understanding that scripture is derived from oral tradition stories from ancient tribes, I believe much was written to protect and preserve the integrity of the tribe, now we are in the same tribe. We all share in more than we differ, to say one is more right than another is in my opinion arrogant. I just want to take an interest, learn more and be able to understand. Expand my perspective and refine my perception

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      2. Thank you, we all have our part to fill, role to play that we may be of aid to one another. You my friend help me a great deal, realizing validating our common plight and possible paths to joining together all disparate clans and have freedom from the arbiters of division

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  3. I love how at the end of this post you express a yearning to find out more by means of seeking knowledge in languages and religions. That is beautiful. Stay open. Listen. Seek. You’re a wonderful person. God bless you! And I also love that “leave it, change it, or accept it” quote. πŸ™‚

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    1. Knowing that, most translated scripture is transcribed stories that were passed orally, I think it is vital to seek to understand. In translation with the influence of human lust for control and power, the golden thread of Love is lost. An open curiosity is essential along with feeling the divine within and believing it is in all of us, is what I direly wish to pass on


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