On my list

My list of things I am grateful for, living in Minnesota. The Mall of America is on there. This place is such a blast. I enjoy looking for things I might like to buy or be given should I be fortunate enough. There is also the opportunity to buy presents for those I care about. There is also a place at the center of it all, created for children of all ages. That being Nicolodeon Universe, a full-sized amusement park.

Here are just a few places I like to shop for myself and others. I’ll leave it up to you to ponder, which are for who.

I was here over the weekend and wanted to express my gratitude for being close to the wonderful place. I know that the time to be here is when most are still getting up. Of course, there are many other places of interest and utility, too many to list in my brief post. It’s just fun for me.

Bless all of you who have made it this far


13 thoughts on “On my list

  1. I’m amazed to find a man that indulges in retail therapy! 🛍️ That’s what I call shopping in an actual brick and mortar store, preferably in a mall when it’s cold. Even when I don’t buy anything, it usually makes me happy. ☺️

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      1. Do you ever see kids doing this any more? I don’t recall that even my own kids, who are now in their twenties, ever did it, and I’m sure that 21st century kids are way too cool to even try. They don’t know what they’re missing, right?


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