Something out of the Ordinary

Or perhaps, for you, not so much. Today or I should say. Beginning late last night I went to Christmas midnight Mass. I felt led to participate in this blessed tradition and am not sure of why. I went embracing the mystery of it all.

I am not Catholic and am still mystified by all the gestures and rituals. I have found great value, though, in ritual. It has become the foundation for improving my life, from my however flawed, perspective. I did feel a bit out of place but welcome none the less.


I attended the celebration at The Cathedral of Saint Paul. What a magnificent place! I can only imagine what it must have been like in 1915 when the first liturgy was held on Palm Sunday, March 14th of that year. This is the biggest Church I have ever been in.

Nothing out of the expected occurred. There were carrols, prayers, readings from scripture, a homily by The Most Rev. Bernard A. Hebda, Arch Bishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. A profession of faith. The offering, and of course Communion. I did not take communion as I am not, or do not consider myself Catholic. I did, however, go up for a blessing Arms crossed over my chest.

Liturgy Guide

I am still processing the occasion and take away these

  1. All are invited
  2. I am flawed and in need of forgiveness
  3. I am forgiven in Christ’s Life, death, and Resurrection
  4. His Spirit as God Lives in me
  5. I am to give as I have been so graciously been given

Merry Christmas until then enjoy divinely inspired Rock Guitar

Published by jeffw5382

Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

30 thoughts on “Something out of the Ordinary

  1. Mum’s funeral took place in a cathedral I always found a bit large and imposing. But I also find there is value in gathering with others to celebrate and find some kind of unity and if that happens in a church then I am all for it. We can take what we like and leave the rest, or just keep our hearts open in love, as you did. ❤

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  2. You know I feel much the same way about Catholic Churches. I love them and their reverence for God. I’m not Catholic either I thought about converting several times so has my girl. I love this post and also that you went to mass just to go and experience whatever showed up for you. That’s a wonderful feeling I think. 🙏🏼🧡

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      1. I thought the same thing until I attended with a Catholic that had converted to Christianity and he said that it made all that pageantry mean more to him when he went back. Like it was sweeter to him. He saw the reasons behind all the ritual meanings. Have a great day 😄😄

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  3. This is an excellent article Sir, I enjoyed the pure honesty of your words. I am a Christian yet I am not a Catholic either, yet nor am I a ‘Protestant’. It is my belief that if a person is a believer in and a follower of Jesus Christ that they are simply ‘a Christian’. No where in the Bible will we find any of the names (Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran) or any of the other denominational names. We are all either, one, His, or we are not His. The word ‘Church’ is the Bride that Christ will return for and take back to Heaven with Him at the Second Advent just before His Angels turn the earth into a bloodbath. We are all either lovers of, believers in, and faithful followers of Christ, or we are not. In the name of Christ no one hurts or kills another person who is a believer of Christ. This is why events like the Protestant England fighting with the Catholic Irish is such a horrible thing, it is a disgrace to the Name of Jesus Christ. Sir, if you wish to, please leave me any questions that you may have about such issues in the comment section of my blog (this is to make sure that I do see them) and I will always give you a totally honest answer within 24 hours. I know that I do not know everything, but, I will never ever lie to you or try to miss lead you on anything.—ted

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    1. Ted, I find that I am in agreement with you about the denominations of churches. Seem much to do with Man’s lust for power, which screws more up than it helps. I do consider myself a member of the body of “The Church”
      I continue in pursuit of His love.


    1. I find intimacy with Him is best conducted in solitude. The service met my expectations. In my humble opinion there is quite a lot that is grandiose and frivolous. It has been working for centuries so who am I to say… a simple sinner in pursuit of God

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