What am I afraid of?

To be honest with you, I can’t put my finger on it. I’m fairly level headed, open-minded I am committed to improving myself. I still can’t shake the idea that I’ll be found to be unappealing, odd what have you. I am petrified at the thought of putting myself out there and opening myself up for disappointment and ridicule.

I like who I have become. I want to be counted on, to be thought about and anticipated. Perhaps, I should give myself more time. I’m still afraid.

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Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

19 thoughts on “What am I afraid of?

  1. ” I still can’t shake the idea that I’ll be found to be unappealing, odd what have you”. It’s none of my business, what others think of me. I cannot fully enjoy freedom until I let go. Just be good, and let the world spin on.

    “I am petrified at the thought of putting myself out there and opening myself up for disappointment and ridicule.” Learn to explain yourself better. Beyond that, go back to “It’s none of my business what others think of me…” line of thought.


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  2. Falling in love with ourself is the most important thing that you and I can ever do. Little ego hates that. He wants us to listen to him. He does not love us and never wants us to love ourself. Rightfully he knows that if he can keep us from discovering who we really are that he will keep control over us. There is a great line, “Perfect love casts out fear.” Love anything or anyone perfectly and we love everyone and everything perfectly. The best place to start is with ourself. Take ourself out on a date, listen to ourself, get to know our turn ons and turn offs. It will surprise us what a great date we are and how much easier it is to love others and to overlook their faults wh.en we allowed ourself to fall madly in love with us. Just some food for thought. There is no one more deserving of our unreserved love than us. One of my favorite writers, Louise Hay, says all of our problems can be traced to a lack of love for ourselves. Fear not, brother just love. It grows the more we let it.

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    1. There was a time someone told me ” You really live yourself don’t you” My instant response was “if I don’t love me .. who will?” I so agree with you David! Accept thy self before you can accept others! Love thy self to be capable to love another! #vapor_sage, fear not thy enemy for it is he who makes you strong! In my opinion ( and yes I am very outspoken) what others think is of no importance! Be good in your skin and reflect positivity. Your ora says everything about you!

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  3. It’s the idea that can bring so much fear from our ego-mind. The answer is to take small actions in being more out there.
    Of course, writing this is an empowering step in the right direction 💕

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  4. It took me a long time to understand, “It’s none of my business, what others think of me” (as someone else suggested). Now, I get it and just express how I am, whether it’s good or bad. People have actually complimented me for my openness and honesty. They know when I open my mouth I am truthful and if by chance, a white lie or even a flat out lie (‘cus it does happen) flows from my lips, I’ll be the first one to admit it. That is who I am now. If you don’t like it or me, you’re free to walk away.

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  5. I totally get this. Sometimes I leave a place (a meeting or what have you) and think… wow, I think those people thought I was crazy! I remind myself constantly that I spent too long fearing what others thought (or thinking that I actually KNEW what they were thinking) and I ended up drunk, nearly dead. So OH WELL if I seem a little crazy. I figure if they invest their time thinking about, or insulting me, they are the ones who need to take inventory on themselves. Nice image by the way!

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  6. Being afraid means you care. Opening yourself up gives others the chance to hurt you while the trust is still tender. It’s normal to be scared of that vulnerability. Time brings the right people to you. Give time it’s own chance. Don’t be afraid. Everyone is just as scared as you are. That’s the real secret of the universe. Being new means being vulnerable and maybe a bit frightened. Feel the fear and do it anyway.:)

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