Great, so Now What?

I am continuing my series on principles I aspire to integrate into to my being.

So here I am having been reduced to the point of Surrender. I have arrived at the crossroad and the resulting option is killing myself, being locked up or Honesty. Having decided I want to live a free life and am in a position to follow in the footsteps of many who have overcome and flourished in spite of having been down a similar path.

Where do I go from here? Well, those brave souls I have decided to follow instruct me that I have to find and use a Power greater than myself and believe in the possibility, that I can start doing things, living my life differently, and my ability to make better decisions will result. Many will recognize step 2 of the 12 steps here. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. I had to have Hope that I could be changed.

Published by jeffw5382

Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

13 thoughts on “Great, so Now What?

  1. Where you are is a perfect place to begin, I remember my first day I felt the missing. It was so big I thought I would die, but my friend helped me to see that it was a different kind of missing and I surrendered and made it through that night. This had been what I do with everything. I stay where I am in my heart till the pain subside and then God heals it and I’m able to breath again. Hope that made sense I’m typing at 5 am I woke up early andcm here. Have a wonderful day. Btw surrendering has become my favorite way to move on. 🙏🏼🌼💛

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    1. I am relating my experience of what it was like, what happened and what it’s like now
      I’ve been sober/clean for 18 years. I am going through a challenging period right now and writing is a new endeavor for me.
      I’m hoping I can help in some way. This is sure making for some fun interacting with kind interesting souls, such as yours.
      Thank You

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      1. When I first started blogging I only shared my art and my photos. I didn’t write a lot either. I do now of course. I feel this is the best place to start, WP. Btw thegonegirl007 is my daughter thank you for liking her writing this is new for her too. I love when we risk don’t you? It’s scary and exhilarating 💛🌼🙏🏼

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