It’s Payday!

This piece is a brief description of “what it was like” in the fairly early stage of my addiction to alcohol and other stuff.

The year 1978. I am a utility assembly finisher by trade at Smith Tool Company. One of two, in that era, largest manufacturers of rock bits, used for drilling for oil and in other types of mining. I operate several machines in the performance of my job including, grinders drill presses lathes etc. Safety first right?

I am 18 years old and I have been smoking weed and drinking with increasing frequency. I worked first shift 6:30 AM-2:30 PM I arrive at work having smoked a joint or several bong hits of Columbia gold cannabis sativa. At that time the indica green bud had not yet become preferred. It was some good shit, trust me.

Today was Thursday, which was payday. We would get our checks sometime between morning break and lunch. This occasion, a sort of routine was developed over time with my buddy Dennis. Upon release for lunch, for which we have half an hour to complete, no time is wasted. Out to the parking lot into Dennis’s van, a couple joints rolled quickly. One fired up and we’re  off to the bar that will cash our checks. 15 minutes in and out and off to Dell Taco which was one of the first to serve a 32 oz drink with a meal. Stop at the liquor store to grab a half-pint of Wild Turkey 101 proof Kentucky Bourbon. I love that stuff and it provided a nice compliment to the weed buzz. If one drinks the beverage to the top of the sun on the logo printed on the cup a half-pint fits quite nicely into the beverage. The second joint smoked on the way back to the factory, walk back into work booze in tow and security is none the wiser.

wild_turkey_logoImage source-

Looking back on this now I realize how hazardous it was for me to be operating large machines and grinding small parts by hand was but I was indestructible then.

That is just a taste of what it was like for me way, way early on in my using life.

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some music from the era



19 thoughts on “It’s Payday!

      1. Oh geez, the shit you look back on, right? Sends chills down the spine.
        For me, there’s after work “fucked up”, and “functionally high” at work.
        I remember one Christmas (or within a few days, it was during the Christmas rush anyway) I couldn’t get the barcode to scan on a ham so I just gave it to the person, like “Merry Christmas, dude.”
        Fuck walking all the way back to the meat department or waiting for a manager to come over.

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  1. Sometimes with some of the idiots I try and give money to each day… I wish they actually could use booze and drugs like real addicts instead of making a show of saying they do. We have Asian drivers paying their way into this country who I wonder if they would improve if they sat with citizens and had a

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  2. Drink…. i have been sober etc… nearly 20 years and I cannot help but notice how we used to be able to treat people like people at work off our heads…. whilst today we are allowing moral half steppers to shit all over our society sober or drunk. About the only people who seem to like are corrupt cops and tattoo artists.

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    1. You’re right Jim, I have a much more compelling story of what it’s like now. I do think it is important to reveal what it was like so there is a frame of reference and a mutual connection. I am aware it is more about the feelings that were driving me to attempt to escape reality in such a dangerous manner.

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      1. Exactly. Looking a little deeper at myself, and more important, my fears, I think I tend to look away when it comes to the stories of the past lest I get lost in the glory days.

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