Who Am I?

Me: Wait, what?

I: You heard me

Me: Oh good grief not you again, who cares?

I: You do.

Me: Sure yeah, of course, but who else?

I: Why does that matter?

Me: Touche. So you’re asking me?

I: Yes and remember, I’ve got my eye on you, I am aware of you, what you, see, hear, taste, smell, what you do and why and what your reaction to all of it.

Me: You can do that?

I: Yes, answer the question, please.

Me: Do you need an answer, right now?

I: Take all the time you need.

Me: Whew, ok I’ll get back to you.

To be continued…



Published by jeffw5382

Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

27 thoughts on “Who Am I?

      1. your perception may me the truth, we will never know. but i always like to hear about other peoples Perceptions.

        some people see them as opinions, we are all entitled to them, they somewhat resemble Arseholes – everyone has one but none appreciate then when they hear one XD

        “clockwise and anti clockwise are tentative motions, it is your perception that determines your belief and acceptance to what is” Michael Morris (me)
        (i used google, there are some big words and i wanted to make sure the fancy statement made sense) – i think it does
        Example – (a motor vehicle traveling depending on what side you are looking at the vehicle, from left or right, one side of the vehicle the wheels are going clockwise, the opposite they are going anti clockwise – but the vehicle is traveling in a direction (this is the constant which is Time, Time waits for no man) and if you choose negative responses all the time, you are going to arrive at the same final destination that you would if you choose positive responses (ashes to ashes) so i would recommend enjoying the ride and focusing on positive things, you live every day, but you only die once


    1. ain’t this the truth! LOL

      one finger pointing, 3 pointing back – we should only ever be concerned about what we are doing as individuals
      and how we are talking to ourselves on a consistent basis – as this ultimately is who we will become.


  1. https://wtfaiblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/02/who-am-i/

    I Am that I Am. and i totally get you.

    You are and will always be the same person (inner voice) that used to brush their teeth in the front of the mirror when you where a child (and i hope you still do brush), if “you” look in the mirror now ( NOW – is the only time we ever actually have ) the outside has changed its shape and form (but somewhat resembles what it used, it just has more mileage and some dents and scratches) the “you” that is looking now is just a lot more wiser and has some life stories to tell, but at its very core is still the same Entity as to when you where a child.

    It is only once we actually look and stop to listen we can control that inner voice and how we react to it.
    The inner voice is influenced by the Ego, making it say and act out of the normal because it thinks it has something to prove. in actual fact none of us have anything to prove to anyone, we are all Pink and Red on the inside we are the same but different.

    you have no idea how many people i speak to, that say “i dont have a voice in my head! your crazy”
    to which i take a page and i write the word ‘HELLO’ on a page and before i show it to them, i say ” do not read this word aloud” but tell me when your done, i then show them the word, they look at it, and then tell me they have finished, to which i then say “who said that?”

    sometimes i get a response like this -> 😯 “woooooow!” (i then tell them to make friends with that voice and take what it says with a pinch of salt every time, because you may think it speaks the truth, but that is the EGO pretending to have everything together, when it could not be farther from the truth)

    AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Sorry my inner voice goes off on a tangent, but it is quite hilarious – well i think so, does not matter what anyone else thinks really because I am the most important person in my life, and if i cant enjoy my own company how do i expect others to enjoy my company either)

    where was i…
    sometimes i get a response like this >8-X “so what that is just my voice” – Yes, but you never used your voice ?
    sometimes i get a blank look – to which i have nothing to respond to that, its hard taking a horse to water and making it drink… people have to find out in their own time

    (you are the most important person in your life. make sure you look after yourself so you can look after others.
    i suggest the following to bring you into the present moment, and then you can actually listen to that voice who is you and you can have fun with it.

    take 4 deep breaths in through your nose as deep and as slowly as you can (feeling the air go in your nose, feel your chest expanding – keep going you can get more in I know you can (picture yourself as a balloon and you want to squeeze the air into as many places in your body as you can, around all your organs and limbs, Hold for as long as you can and feels comfortable (go into the uncomfortable to really test your inner you – then release through the mouth.

    Please note – that inner voice will start to Count on either the Inhale, Holding or the Exhale.. please note there is no reason to count – this is the mind just labelling some-thing which is what it does best… to try and quieten this voice is what makes the practice of meditation so hard and it is what makes people quit. I am no Meditation master but it does over flow into all areas of your life and you approach things in a much more peaceful way, realising there is no need to rush (sometimes when necessary) and you will start to prioritise what is important in your life.

    Your self talk will guide you in ways you have never imagined, and take you on adventures follow your heart but please take your mind with for the ride (as the mind does provide common sense from past experiences it has learn’t , if the mind does not know about something, it will make up stories to hold you back)….. I forgot how I got to this point.. the mind likes to label things just so it can prove or pretend to prove it knows what is going on.

    like one Quote “I seem to be a Verb” – is it true? Who made the word “Verb” (a human using his mind)
    who decided a Verb is What a Verb Is? – but it makes sense though to a degree? – kind of like the bible – people take from it what they want to, and ignore the stuff they disagree with (making the whole book only good when it suites people… but lets not go down the religious road now… we are focusing on Us, and I and Inner You’s and Me’s and ultimately

    Thanks Google. (how do i know if this is even right right?)
    A verb, from the Latin verbum meaning word, is a word (part of speech) that in syntax conveys an action (bring, read, walk, run, learn), an occurrence (happen, become), or a state of being (be, exist, stand). In the usual (who decides what is the usual?) description of English, the basic form, with or without the particle to, is the infinitive.
    END of description.

    But what ever happens, I hope you enjoyed my response. and i wish you all the best on your journey to find your inner you – trust me you wont go back to your normal way of thinking and things just make more sense.

    Kindest Regards


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