I should know better

Smothered with doubt of what shall come

what morbid value can I find,  wallowing in my fear.

It’s grip is firm and relentless

There must be a sick reward in being trapped there

Do I miss that misery?

I know better, though, that is not where I belong

I am not bound there, for I am here now

tomorrow looses it’s hold

a fresh breath of now with it’s glorious promise

I release there and smile here, right now




5 thoughts on “I should know better

  1. Learning to appreciate ‘today’ doesn’t meant we can’t or shouldn’t prepare for tomorrow. Worrying about things of which we have no control is how we waste valuable energy that could have been put to better use.
    It’s a lesson we all must learn.
    It’s a lesson I struggle with from time to time. 🌷

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  2. It amazes me how well I know I don’t need to go there, and all the skills I know to stay in the now, yet, I still find myself caught in the sticky web of anxiety justified by the habit of preparing for what ifs…. Thankfully, I always manage to pull myself back to the gift of the present sooner or later, or at least change the channel. You are not alone.

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