Out of the mouth’s of babes

How I treasure the newcomer and hearing and reading about the stories of those still struggling with addiction.

Way back when almost before I could remember, I was told don’t give up before the miracle happens. Bah! I thought, I’ll never get over wanting to be impaired..ALL THE TIME!

Until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing, you will be stuck on stupid.

The newcomer is the life-blood of the program.

All of these sayings made little if any sense to me when I was early in recovery. I think I remember having an inkling about them that there was some intuition that made sense. I scoffed them off mostly as just slogans to help make newly sober/clean individuals feel better about being there and appreciated.

I am here to tell you, it is a miracle and it has happened to me. I not only have no desire to use or drink. I have forgotten what it feels like. Reality in all of it’s magnificence is so much more vibrant and well real. I’ll get back to my original point.

Listening to and reading here about the feelings, objections, reluctance, struggles questions and most of all the victorious breakthroughs. The lightbulb coming on. Is exhilarating. The feelings I experience are indescribable. To have the honor to be a witness to a person clawing their way out of the relentless death grip of addiction is an overwhelming joy.

The way this thing works is in my opinion divinely inspired. We come gather go through a, dare I say ritual of sorts, at the beginning of meeting and then depending on the type get on with the format. Ending most often with The Lord’s Prayer.

I hope I am able to give people hope that recovery from addiction and alcoholism is indeed possible and is a riotous fun adventure which should not be missed.

Thank you so much and “Keep Coming Back”







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