Oh boy, this is going to hurt.

How much more discomfort will we (society) have to endure, before we are authentically ready to put our differences behind us and find what values we share? A great deal I’m afraid. If my experience with change is any indication, it’s going to hurt quite a bit.

It’s is much more comfortable to be occupied with just barely surviving our hectic life, taking care of all of those commitments we have decided are priorities. I understand, my life is crazy and I have made some horrendous decisions that have put me in a less than preferable, situation at this time. I am confident it will all work out for the best, and hopefully this time I will integrate the lesson.

Things are really getting ominous in the greater world and it seems to me as though, our “leaders” are more concerned with dividing us and keeping their precious positions of power than doing what’s is best for all.

Now that, I am sure, is as diverse as humanity in the minds of many. To me, though, I really believe there is more that we share, even from opposite ends of the political spectrum than that which we might disagree is important. Here is a piece from something I read this morning.

 It is only as we meet and share together person to person, eye to eye, and heart to heart that we discover what it means to be human and to discover the joy of being together, working together towards a common mission of peace and unity. It is only moving from winning and loneliness to collaboration, and from hostility to seeing enemies as friends, that we discover the real meaning of peace.

I can commit myself to all of you that I will do my part and promise you, all of you who are reading this right now and those I encounter on my path. I will listen and relate to you with an open mind to find what we share. I will not attempt to change your mind and I will respect that the way you perceive the world is your reality and likely not the way I see it. I can, however, love you as a fellow human with similar frailties and hardships. We need each other now, more than ever.


Published by jeffw5382

Stumbling spiritual pilgrim on my way from here to here. Recovered Addict, US Navy Veteran. Sharing my journey of self discovery, in the spirit of service, generosity and gratitude.

16 thoughts on “Oh boy, this is going to hurt.

  1. Reaching out leaves one vulnerable. Yet, this is what must be done in order to discover another person. Most hide underneath their largest organ, their skin. So then, it seems we are first born through God on this earth and then somehow must again be born again in order for our spirit to be revealed to others who went through the same process. The aspect of hiding is so very horrible for it encompasses dejection, isolation, fear, loneliness, paranoia and desperation. Outside of that we have introductions to who you are. Glad to MEET you. Welcome to planet earth and I hope you hang around a long time. Your introduction to us, the world is our blessing. Thank you.

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  2. Boy, we need every message of unity we can get! Finding common ground is just another way of defining “inclusion” in society, although not perhaps with as much liberalism as many are supporting. Still, it is important to note unity is a very important step in coming together in this world…



  3. Thanks for speaking for unity. The ego wants to disconnect and divide us from each other in anyway it can (I’m talking about the separatist ego here.) I think leaders can play on that and use it to their purposes…. just look at Hitler!…… Why can’t we look to what we have in common, how we can help each other? I guess life is more complex than this but its so sad when active disconnection and fear is played upon.

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  4. Reblogged this on WTFAI and commented:

    Happy New Year- This post is one of my favorites from the past year. It is likely, relevant, universal and timeless. Looking for and finding ways to relate to and engage those with whom we disagree is a most difficult and worthwhile endeavor.

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