It is now, but once wasn’t

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

From my perspective, commonly held values and principles from eras past, are now viewed as repugnant and hateful.

If people really want to be united, we’re going to have to be willing to identify shared ground. Attempt to understand and turn our backs on those who wish to keep us divided.

Namely, “Choose your side News”


14 thoughts on “It is now, but once wasn’t

    1. Me too. I do my best to actually talk to anyone I can. My best friend and I differ astronomically in regard to politics. We still share a genuine bond due to knowing how each other really care about each other’s interests.

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      1. There are things that will affect everyone, like if they remove the pre-existing condition protection from the Affordable Care Act. And if they drain domestic spending to build a wall. But I guess local politics matter more in the grand scheme of things. Have a magical week!

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