Why is it that we are so ready to chatter and gossip with others when we so seldom return to silence without some injury to our conscience? Perhaps the reason we are so fond of talking is that we think to find consolation in this manner; to refresh a spirit wearied with many cares. And so we speak of what we like and dislike, and of the things we desire or despise. But in the end, this outward attempt to find consolation is only an obstacle to our inner life.

telling secrest
Let us watch and pray that our time is not spent fruitlessly. Let us not busy ourselves with idle conversation, or with what other people say and do.…Blessed are the single-hearted, for they enjoy true peace

Thomas Merton

And a piece of music I’m enjoying today

The Phoenix

14 thoughts on “Single-Hearted

  1. ” gossip barbed with anger, a polite form of character assassination ” I remember reading those words the first time. It really resonated with me, I run like the clappers now when the gossiping,especially that disguised as concern, starts. Great post🙂

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  2. The other day I came across this quote “When speaking of others, consider three questions: Is it true? Is it of a positive nature? Will it benefit those who hear it?” Just think if we all followed that advice how things could be


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