When Enough isn’t

That which we do to or for others, we inflict or provide to ourselves.

Being generous is, as I have found, quite a pleasant endeavor. As long as I am able to identify and be honest about my expectations. You see, I have a hard time being honest with myself about that. I tend to expect some gratitude and maybe even an offer of a gift in kind. I have to resist this in order to gain the full benefit of unconditional generosity.

what you have givenIf I demand that I get something out of it, I will find myself intensely craving satisfaction. I become greedy. I am filled up when I give freely and want what I have and am grateful for what I have been blessed with.

greed is strange

Thank you Papa for providing exactly just what I need and for the opportunity to offer what I have to others. Amen






9 thoughts on “When Enough isn’t

      1. Cool. I was also going to say that the whole “give and take” thing was on my mind the other day. We think along the same lines sometimes. Anyway, keep sharing the photos… and have a beautiful day!!

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