Do you Like?

I decided to start sharing on this site, as a creative outlet. I found that I had composed a few ideas that seemed to resonate with more fellow travelers than I expected. Initially, though, the idea was to write a book about who I have become through addiction, recovery, and life on it’s own terms.

Finding WordPress changed that, for now, into a series of blog posts, with similar objectives. In addition, I thought too, that some, if they found it, might be helped. Which is, I have found to be my recently discovered passion. I have learned that I love service to others, in my business (landscape maintenance) and in my endeavor to stay active in recovery from addiction.

Almost immediately, two unexpected dynamics emerged. 1. I want and crave madly for all of you to like my posts. And 2. That in order to develop any kind of following I have to read and respond to other bloggers, which turned out to be as much, if not more work than, formulating, composing, revising, editing any post I might devise.

Further on up the road, I have found that I absolutely love reading all of you whom I follow. I love reading and responding to items of interest. I honestly look forward to more and am, sincerely grateful for all of you, who follow me.

11 thoughts on “Do you Like?

      1. Thank you. ☺ I have really enjoyed my blogging journey so far. It evolves naturally into new things… And I was able to move from craving likes to just enjoying new friendships. As my friend Gil says Be You. Some may like, some may not. And that is ok. I think that makes sense.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. When I realised that I had 20+ comments that I hadn’t realised I needed to approve, I was blown away by how good it made me feel. Ultimately I am writing my blog for myself, as a form of therapy but the feedback and advice I’ve received has been invaluable.

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  2. Blogging is writing our novel in digestible bite sizes. I hope we all get published Jeff. And yes this process holds continual lessons on our healing journey; to give is to receive. The whole of it is worthwhile work, reconstructing life. I love your de Mello quote. In Truth we Trust.

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  3. Hey Jeff, Greetings for the day 😊
    I too have related your post to myself and life.
    And would like to say that keep writing and be happy 😊 getting people engaged that everyone wants (even me as well desperately) however it’s not about likes and followers (saying it to me as well), it’s all about real you. Be real Be happy 😊
    I liked your work honestly, if we need conversation we can talk through mails. Every one needs to be social, even I do 😊
    I have also been enjoying my blogging experience 😊 I can relate your post to mines “Thank You WordPress Bloggers”. 😇

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