What I find Exquisite


I have an inkling, of what exquisite is, however, I am struck by not knowing the word’s definition. I found that as an adjective exquisite is described as, extremely beautiful and typically delicate. This is very close, if not exactly what the word means to me. It also may describe a feeling, that use of the word is not as familiar with me but, I am intrigued to use it, that way. I also found that as a noun…What? I know Right? Who knew?  as a noun exquisite is a man affectedly concerned with his clothes and appearance; a dandy. I am somewhat lost on that one, I found it on the internet so…It must be true

A couple things come to mind when I thin of things, being exquisite. The writing of Thomas Merton. His command of language astounds me. Here is an example of his writing that I find particularly well done.

A post from my Instagram

Another example of something I found particularly exquisite is a piece of music composed and performed by one of my favorite artists, Orianthi

A feature piece from an upcoming Yahoo Music’s,  She Rocks, Vol.1

From Yahoo Music

Well, I hope you have been touched by my perspective this is my first venture using a prompt from WordPress. Bless all of you and enjoy every moment



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