When a little is enough

I’m wondering, pondering, examining (my motives) about when for example, I get an enjoyable feeling, why isn’t it enough to acknowledge that, experience it fully and let it go.

Initially, there is, what I’ll call the “trigger”. Perhaps it is a smile from someone I’m attracted to, or someone telling me that they find me attractive, even that they love me. Another example might be how I feel when I see a  beautiful sunrise, or the full moon shrouded in the clouds, that elicits a feeling of awe, amazement, and wonder.

Throughout my life, I have had the urge to capture and save these feelings and to somehow make them last and continue. I have, of late, been paying closer attention to what’s going on around and within me. I can tell you that, as soon as I try to, or want for these types of feelings to keep me feeling good, there is an immediate tension and anxiety that arises. Then I wonder what that is about and want that to stop…like NOW!  Alas, a cycle, seemingly unending ensues.

All along, if only…lol I had been aware, appreciative enough to recognize the beauty and magic of this exact moment, to savor it and let it go.



6 thoughts on “When a little is enough

  1. I know sometimes I wish we could bottle them up. I’ve noticed that my enjoyable moments have shifted to this peaceful stillness and in that the quietness is when I sigh and think yes this is where you’ve been all along waiting. God I mean of course 🙏🏼

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